Who we are

ARG Technologies is a responsive software development company based in Pune that offers strategic consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), custom development, website & portals, mobile app development, outsourcing and many software services that your brand needs to market itself on the World Wide Web.

We are a startup focused on customer satisfaction as our key principle. We explain our customers about the decisions we take in the development process.

At ARG Technologies, we are a team of 10 highly qualified engineers who are engaged in the development and maintenance of various projects.

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To solve customer problems with technology. Learn at every phase of our journey.


Grow more and more, together, with our happy customers.


Our short term goal is to develop products for our clients and create some of our own. Long term goals would lean more towards educating people over the newer technologies implemented in the products


We work with highest quality standards. If we don’t know how to do something in a newer field/technology, we will search for the best approach and only then, implement it. Adhering to the timelines of the project is very important to us.


Some of the projects with a brief about each


•A platform which focuses on the culture of the employees and new candidates before recruiting them.
•Algorithms in place create a culture of the company and gives scores to each candidate against the company.
•Technologies: Angular 6, Java, MySQL
•Domain: Human Resource Management


•Development of casino games like roulette, wheel of fortune, etc.
•Developed using Unity 3d and nodejs.
•Code execution time being a critical aspect of this project,
•Technologies: Unity3D, NodeJS, Connection pooling to MySQL.
•Domain: Leisure, Entertainment


•Marketicleis a platform for Brands to use Influencer marketingto increase their reach.
•A proprietary algorithm scores every influencer depending on their social media handle.
•Technologies: Angular 7, NodeJS, MongoDB.

TilismHandcrafted -Ecommerce

•An ecommerce platform for a boutique brand.
•We have used WordPressto develop this platform.
•Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL
•Domain: Ecommerce -Garments

Foodbucket Snacks - ERP

  • We have used an open source, highly tested ERP system and modified it according to customer needs
  • This approach is cost effective and largely filled with features
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL
  • Domain: ERP – FMCG

Champ Town – Online Kids Expo

  • Developing a platform for kids expo
  • The platform conducted various events and competitions online
  • The platform hosted an exhibition for kids products.
  • Technology: WordPress, AWS hosting
  • Domain: Entertainment

Whatzo – Hyperlocal Delivery

  • A Whatsapp based platform providing hyperlocal deliveries to customer
  • Usage of chatbot and end to end automation enhances scalability.
  • Data is getting generated for better implementation of machine learning.
  • Technologies: NodeJS, MongoDB, openNLP, deployed on AWS
  • Domain: Chatbot – Hyperlocal Delivery

MyUniway-UK Student Accommodation Platform

  • Development of an accommodation platform for students
  • Integration with 3rd party for added services
  • Interactive interface design.
  • Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, MySQL
  • Domain: Booking System – Education

Ablifree Business Network

  • Technical Consultants for Ablifree – A business network platform.
  • We are dealing with the complete stack of technologies and platforms.
  • Technologies: Dot NET, Android, Obj C, WordPress, deployed on Azure.
  • Domain: Business network – B2B connections

Vacis Automation – Quality Tool

  • Quality tool for analyzing and auto correcting HPM to EPKS migration projects.
  • Technologies: Eclipse RCp, Java SWT
  • Domain: CustomB2B

Customer Feedback Application

  • A iOS based application with simple, easy to use UI to conduct surveys
  • The survey information is stored on a central server
  • The survey supports multilingual data
  • The analytics system is a web application providing multiple insights on the available data.
  • Technologies: Swift, MySQL
  • Domain: CRM – User Feedback

Vacis Automation – Sama Analysis

  • Provides pictorial representation of Functional blocks of a HPM system
  • Technologies: ElectronJS, ReactJS
  • Domain: Custom B2B